Run and Workout – 20 Oct 2014

So it was raining when I got home tonight, so I did some running in the gym. I didn’t go as far as I would in the neighborhood, but running on a treadmill is oh so boring! UGH!  Here’s what I did:

  • 10 minutes interval – which raised and lowered the incline on the treadmill the entire time.
  • 20 minutes running at about a 12-1/2 to 13 minute per mile pace
  • 3 sets of 10 circuit training on my upper body. I did 2 sets of 10 on each machine and then went back for one more so I could make sure my arms felt like jello. They didn’t, but the gym closes at 10. (They were getting close though)
  • Finally, I worked with a foam roller because my calves like to get so darned tight. What a pain, but hey – those foam rollers help out a lot.

I’m glad my gym is so close!

Run – 16 Oct 2014

Walking Dead was excellent Sunday night. WOW! If only I had cable and could watch it at home. Heck – if only I had something other than a little MiFi and could watch it at home!  LOL! Oh well – such is life.

Tonight’s run was nice. I walked a block or two, but I ran 3 miles and I haven’t been running as much lately, so that’s my fault. Keep it up, Heather. Keep it up!

5k / 3.1 miles



513 calories.

I stopped by the gym afterwards to do some stretching and use the foam roller. Wow – I love foam rollers! OK – that sounds goofy, but they really do help loosen up my muscles and help me be far less sore since being sore is no fun.

Anyway – Tomorrow I have a massage scheduled since I’m getting my bonus check tomorrow. Might as well treat myself. Saturday’s the symphony (Baroque Festival with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra) and Sunday is the COLUMBUS MARATHON! I’ll be working the Go Fitness water station with a few dozen other volunteers. We’re at the 20.6 mile mark. WOWZERS! I have two friends running the marathon, so I’m going to make signs for them. If I have time, I may also make some pumpkin bars for the other volunteers! Hey – it IS baking season, after all!

Run – 12 Oct 2014

Today I ran at Mom and Dad’s house since I’m up here in Delaware! Their neighborhood has very nice, wide, even sidewalks. Ahhh…so nice! Wasn’t a huge run, but wasn’t a totally wimpy run either. I need to get back to my standard 5K runs during the week – at least 2 of them per week. Then a short run and then a long run, but I need to do more, I’d say. I’ve been slacking off of late and need to fight harder to get out and about. Why is it so hard to get myself to get out sometimes? I always feel better afterwards and just feel good about the fact that I did something healthy. It helps to think that a year ago, I was doing absolutely nothing, but this is yielding results. I feel better, I’m in better shape – getting better all the time, I’m reshaping, I’m dropping weight – so why so hard to get out? Ugh!

This is a phase, right? Sure hope so!

Anyhoo, here are my times.

2.5 miles

31:09 minutes

Jogged just about all of the way

About 12:24 per mile.

Not so bad! We’ll see how I do this week. But first: Walking Dead Season Premiere. Oh yeah!

That’s it! I have to keep running, so I can be sure to outrun zombies – or at least always outrun someone else, right? Right. Er…um…

Run – 08 Oct 2014

I really need to get up earlier in the morning, but it’s just oh – so – hard!

I ran 1.55 miles this morning to the tune of an under 11-minute mile. Where the heck did THAT come from?

1.55 miles

16:52 minutes

10:52 per mile

I was over a mile into the run, well on my way back, before I remembered to remind myself that I was the tortoise, or say “slow and steady!” Oh well. I’ll keep on plugging!  I need to get used to running a better than 12-minute mile – heck, just get used to a 12-minute mile, before I top 11. Consistency, Heather. Consistency.

I ended my run at the gym as I usually do and worked my muscles with the foam rollers – my calves and my right hip. I know it sounds weird, but those are the muscles that, for some reason tighten up. I spoke with Sharon and Charlie (owner/trainer respectively) who were talking and asking me about some of my habits. They also asked about my regular job – where I sit at a desk all day. I often sit with one leg folded under the other and though I switch which leg is folded, I wonder if that has something to do with my right hip muscle’s bugging me. Working with the foam roller helps and pretty much eliminates the soreness I used to feel, but still. Hmm…

I AM THE TORTOISE! – Run Like A Girl 10K – 04 Oct 2014


Slow and steady.

That’s what I said to myself for over an hour of running this past Saturday morning. Slow and steady. I am the tortoise.

Saturday morning started out as a very nice, albeit cold and windy morning here in Columbus for the 2nd annual Run Like a Girl 5k/10k/Half marathon. OK fine. It was cold and windy. BRR!

2014-10-04 07.16.21

Columbus Commons Saturday morning just as the sun rose

This race was to help raise money for women’s health around central Ohio – probably why we all received a boob-shaped (OK, more of a boob-enhancer-shaped) cold pack along with our swag bags!

2014-10-04 07.16.27

Columbus Commons – where the Columbus Symphony Orchestra performs! (LOVE the CSO!)

Before the race started, I walked around and checked out some of the booths. I was still drinking water and well – trying to stay warm. There were several tables set up by sponsors of the race that I made a mental note to visit afterwards. I did get in for a sneak peek of the wine we’d be getting and was surprised to see it wasn’t going to be just a little airplane-sized bottle, but a full sized one. Check these out – from a winery out in California. (Seriously – couldn’t get an Ohio Winery to jump in and help out?!)

2014-10-04 07.28.15

Our wine – for AFTER the race, of course.

The 5K and 10K runners all lined up together for the start. We were running the same track with the 10K just obviously going farther along. It’s fun to talk to other runners at the start up – well, before and after, too. Which race are you running? Have you run this distance before? Everybody’s so friendly. With this race, it was all women – no men were racing, though I noticed the Emcee guy announcing the start and such was a guy. Oh well!  LOL!

The race started and we were off!

Personal best

I had my Nike + app going the whole way and it kept announcing my times. My first 4 miles were really good – about 48 minutes which is a 12-minute mile. WOW! Then my body started fighting back and said yo, Heather – I’m slowing down. Yeah. Oh well – that’s OK. I still did really well and topped my first 10K by 90 seconds. Awesome!

I sprinted across the finish line like I always do – even if it’s just the last 20-30 feet. HA! I know, sounds silly, but I think it’s a psychological thing and I’m OK with that!

Here are my times:

6.2 miles


12:43 average pace per mile

Jogged the first 4 miles, walked/jogged the last 2, hence the slowdown!

Here are my splits.


After the run, when I felt pretty dead – “Water! I want water – and a banana, too!” Seriously  – I’ve discovered with running that the banana is probably the single, absolute best food in the world, so I, of course, thoroughly enjoyed one afterwards! Then, I walked around a bit. It had started spitting – not REALLY raining – the last mile or so of the race, but had stopped now, thus allowing me to visit the various booths and pick up some of the goodies they provided – such as a blinker for night running (sweet!), some hair bands, more energy and protein bars (I think I ended up with 6-7 of those) and – my bottle of wine! I was already wearing my medal as we all do afterwards!

I’m beginning to really like race medals!

Here’s the bottle of Chardonnay – from some winery in California – and one of the firefighters in a tuxedo. See? I wasn’t kidding!

2014-10-04 09.34.00

And with my medal.

2014-10-04 11.50.47

After I finished my 10K and right as I picked up my bottle of wine…it started raining, so I walked over to the parking garage where we all parked for the race and hung out with others who’s finished their running for the day. We chatted for a little while and then it started hailing. YIKES! BUT – while there, and while it was hailing, we had the pleasure of watching the lead runners of the half marathon finish their race.

What an awesome sight. I didn’t have my camera up when the half marathon was won, but here’s the start / finish line for the race.

2014-10-04 09.36.33

The start / finish line.

I don’t know the name of the lady who won, but she looked absolutely amazing, running down the homestretch at a super-human (looking)pace. She looked fantastic! The 2nd place runner wasn’t far behind her. They finished in the hail.

2014-10-04 09.36.44

You can kind of see the hail.

What a great day!  OK – so it would have been greater had Will Forte accepted my invitation to the race to cheer me on, but I never heard back from him. Sigh. Will – next races are going to be Thanksgiving Day for the Turkey Trot and December 6 for the Jingle Bell Run. Think you can perhaps make one of those?  We’ll talk, ok?! :-)

Someday, right?

Run – 02 Oct 2014

Just a quick run this morning since I didn’t get started until a little after 730. And when I say quick, it actually was quick! For me, anyway! My stats:

1.51 miles

Jogged the whole way (YES!)

17:20 minutes

11:30 minutes per mile.

Not bad, right?  Afterwards, I stopped in my gym to stretch and use a foam roller to work some muscles I know will want to tighten up. I find that they’re helping and also that my muscles aren’t are stiff and sore as they were originally becoming.

Saturday morning will be my next race – Run Like A Girl 10K. :-)

Run – 29 Sep 2014

Just got back from a run and a visit to my gym. I ran about 2.8 miles at a just under 12-minute-per-mile pace. Now that’s more like it!

2.79 miles

running, few walk breaks

33:15 minutes total

11:56 per mile pace

I took a couple of walk breaks – people were just starting to go to work, but didn’t have to slow down too much for cars. Always a plus. Hit the gym afterwards for stretching and work with foam rollers on the muscles I know will tighten up later. A little pre-emptive stretching, as it were, with the foam rollers.

I feel like I’m finally beginning to get comfortable running the majority – if not all – of the distance. Before I knew what I was getting myself into, I figured – oh sure, I’ll be able to run the entire distance by my 3rd race. Yeah, right. I’ve had six races so far and I haven’t been able to do it, but I HAVE been able to run my entire run a couple of times on non-race days, so I figure that’s a good start. I feel like I’m making real progress on that front.

Slow and steady – that’s what I keep telling myself. It’s hard not to want to run with a bigger and faster stride, but that’s what forces me to need walk breaks. Slow and steady. I am the tortoise! :-)