Run – 16 Sep 2014

I had a great run last night. I didn’t map out my run ahead of time and took some new turns (that I knew, but hadn’t yet run) and ended up going about 2-1/2 miles overall. I noticed I was getting a teeny bit more tired than usual, but I figured out why when I finished.

2.65 miles

Jogging mostly (Lots of cars out tonight, so I stopped at more intersections than usual)


11’18” per mile

Where the heck did that pace come from? I’ve never run that fast a pace! That explains why I was a bit more tired – because I was apparently working a tougher pace. I wasn’t horribly winded at all, but felt like I worked more – and sooner than usual. That’s ok though. After the run, I did a lot of stretching at my gym as well as worked with the foam rollers on my calves since they like to tighten up.

My next race is on Sunday – the OSU 4-miler. Should be fun!

I did not want to go to the gym this morning…

But I did because it’s good for me and I felt better afterwards. I’ve been working a lot of hours lately and also haven’t been running. I’ve been coming home exhausted. Heck – I haven’t even felt like knitting lately – that’s not good!

Anyway – this morning I did a medicine ball warmup, lots of stretching because my calves and ham strings have been super tight lately. I then ran about a mile – 13 minute pace – and then did some more concentrated stretching on my legs.

I was there about 30-35 minutes, but it still felt good.

Run – 07 Sep 2014 I RAN IT ALL!!!

Yeah. I’m a tad excited. My pace is what I’ve been doing for the last month or two, but…


OK – so fine – I was on sidewalks and I fast-walked on one section that didn’t have sidewalks, just a super rough “path” in the ground about the width of my shoe, but I have to slow down in that spot anyway, so that doesn’t really count. Slow and steady. That’s what I was saying to myself the whole time I was listening to my Ultimate 80s playlist. Slow and steady.

3.1 miles


39:35 minutes

About a 13-minute mile

I’ve never RUN the entire distance before. NEVER EVER EVER! My overall time was roughly what I’ve been running/walking, but it was consistent. It was very consistent. I wasn’t running and then slowing down for a walk break and then running again. My pace was consistent throughout. I’m so excited. I can’t even begin to tell you what a boost to my running morale this is!  

Oh man – what a great way to end my weekend!

Workout – 03 Sep 2014

Have you ever had a workout that you know what a workout, but in which you felt totally spaced out and flat out lazy afterwards? That’s how I felt on Wednesday. I know I worked out – I worked up my heart rate, broke a sweat, but I felt like I was just staring at the walls the entire time.

I had a rather UGH kind of day at work – we’re super busy, transitioning over to a huge change in how we’re all aligned, so we’re all leaving work exhausted. I got home still feeling that way when I kicked myself in the butt and told myself I should work out. OK. Good suggestion, right? Right.

I worked a medicine ball warmup, did a bunch of stretching – especially with my calves and right hip, did a ton of crunches and then did an upper body circuit. I worked out, for sure. My upper body felt like jello afterwards – which is the idea. I just felt like I was just zombie-like the entire time. Strange.

Run – 30 Aug 2014

I just got back from my gym – I was having a super lazy day today so far and felt I needed to feel like I earned a bit of laziness! I was there about 45 minutes or so – did some warmups with a medicine ball. My first day with a trainer, I used a 4-lb medicine ball. I was out of breath and my heart rate was way up, so we had lots of pauses. Plus, I was just learning. I’m up to an 8-lb medicine ball plus, instead of sets of 8, I do sets of 10. I’m getting better at it, for sure. It’s a good warm up though. After that I did a ton of crunches – well, for me it was a ton – about 100-150. And then, the best part: I ran for about 20-21 minutes.

Not a big deal you say? Well it actually is because – – – I actually RAN the entire time. usually, I run, but have to mix in walk breaks. My walking is getting faster and thus my times are as well, but I need to be able to run the entire distance and today was a good day. 

1.56 miles

Running the whole time!

21 or so minutes

Progress! I like it how the guys working up front ask me about my workout. How was it? What did you do today? How was this better than last time? What are you working on? Those are the types of questions they ask me. They also know I’m one of the runners, so they often ask about my next race. I love when one of them is also a runner, so I can ask them plenty of questions in return.

I definitely feel I’m among friends while I’m there.

Workout – 26 Aug 2014

I just met with my trainer for my monthly follow-up visit. We worked on some new stretches to loosen up some of the muscles that bug me after running. Today I learned the joys of foam rollers!  After that, I did an upper body workout on the machines. I seriously love workout machines.

Run – 25 Aug 2014

Well my two week drought is over. Ugh. So after posting a great time for my first-ever 10K, it took me two weeks to run again. No idea why, but this morning I finally got some running in. I don’t like running when it’s too hot and it’s been warmer lately, I’ve had to finish up a couple of knitting designs (that I actually do for yarn companies and for money, so yes – it’s a second job), I’ve unpacked the last big chunk of boxes in my apartment and for the excuse that fitness people will actually believe, I just haven’t made the time. 

I’ll be honest and if you’re a runner, please let me know if you’ve experienced this, but my achilles have been really tight lately – both on the left and right heels. It doesn’t really hurt per se, but man is it stiff. It’s not as if I can stretch it out, though I do exercises and stretches to try to loosen it up. Once I started running today it didn’t bug me, but it’s still tight. I’ll keep working the exercises, but it’s especially stiff when I first stand up and take a few steps after sitting for a while.

Also, I’ve noticed with longer runs that there’s one little spot on my right hip that’s a little sore – like a small, targeted spot that decided to hurt after I ran a longer distance. Weird thing is that it’s only on the right hip. Left hip is totally fine. Am I just weird? (Perhaps that question should be rhetorical?)

I’ve worked my way through the shin splints, the sore leg muscles that are being used, but the achilles heels’ being stiff seems to be my latest.

Anyway, I didn’t have my Nike + app / phone with me, but here’s what I ran / walked today.

.5 miles – Interval / 10 minutes on the treadmill. (The incline on the treadmill kept going up and down – great for warmup.)

1.5 miles – 20 minutes or so. I mostly ran it, but at a 13 minute per mile pace. A little slower, but who cares if I ran most all of it. I slowed down because I’m not always coordinated when I use a towel to wipe my forehead as I get all hot and stuff during a run.  

I did some stretching and such afterwards for about 5-10 minutes and then grabbed a protein shake. I missed my protein shakes! I don’t have them TOO often since they’re expensive, but I’d rather have one of those than a pricey cup of coffee!

Anyhoo – no more two week breaks. Ugh – what the heck was I thinking? Felt good today to get a run in – even if only a short one! :-)