Run – 15 March 2015

Got my 4 miles in today. It was so very nice to be able to run outside in my neighborhood!

4.01 miles


13 minutes per mile

Nice run – my pace was very consistent. I love that my Garmin though beeps at me when I get behind pace so I can step it up. Of course it beeps at me when I’m ahead of pace, too. And once in a while it beeps at me when I’m on pace. Hmm…


Workout – 10 March 2015

I just had a workout with my trainer, Ashley, at my gym. We mainly concentrated on my upper body – arms, shoulders, etc. We did a little core work as well, but man oh man – my arms and shoulders feel like total jello. Picture Captain Fantastic with his stretchy arms just flopping around and you’ll see how I feel at the moment. 🙂

Good workout though. Tough, but good.

Run – 07 March 2015

This morning with my MIT group, I set a personal record of 9 miles. I won’t say I actually “ran” the whole way, so I’ll leave my “running” in quotes. I’d only run 7 miles before as my longest distance and I haven’t been able to get all my runs in like I ideally should, so I definitely struggled. I started with my pace group but early on in the run there was this huge hill that took me forever to overcome. We made it to the top, but my goodness – it took me forever to be able to get a deep breath. So – I was running behind my pace group and caught up at water stations and occasional stop lighted intersections. Ugh.

It seemed like forever before I could say that I was finally on the back half of this run! HA! I survived it though and despite the fact that I speed walked or walked / jogged a fair amount of it, I did make it! I probably speed walked the last third to half of my run. I’m just not yet used to running distances. I probably made it about 10 minutes behind my actual pace group, but still ahead of the 13 minute run/walk group.

But alas – better late than never right? I still ran /walked 9 miles. 9 MILES! That’s pretty awesome. And – since I’d never gone that distance, I had a guaranteed personal record in both distance and time for that distance, so that’s pretty great.

Here are my times:

2015-03-07 10.35.23

I was obviously tired afterwards – we all were because heck – we’d just run 9 miles – but we were all greeted by snacks, bagels, water, gatorade, etc, at the end of our run. Nice thing about MIT runs is that we have water stations along the way as well as food and drink at the end.

I’m happy that there were still other runners in my group who were still there at the end to cheer me on (as we all do for each other) and give me high fives at the end. My coach told me that what mattered was that I finished. I’d just gone 9 whole miles! He also said I should think about how many people are still in bed!

Run – 06 March 2015

Today I got in my second run of the week. I’m really going to try to get AT LEAST 3 runs in per week – along with my two training sessions per week. It’ll be tough, but I really need to step up my game if I’m going to last a whole half marathon in two months.

Today was a cold day, the streets / sidewalks still have plenty of ice and snow on them, though in the coming days, that will go away. Yea! upper 30s this weekend then all next week is supposed to be in the 40s and 50s which is awesome! yea! Perfect running weather which is great. I don’t like treadmills. Well – I like them because they let me still get my runs in, but I much prefer to run outside.

Tonight’s run was as follows. It was really good since I ran at a faster pace at my gym. Easier done when I don’t have to cross streets or climb hills.

3.01 miles


12:31 minutes per mile.

2015-03-06 20.42.37

Pretty sweet!  Tomorrow’s my long run – 9 (gulp) miles with my MIT group. I’m kind of scared about that. I know I can finish – we’ll just see who’s left around when I do!  LOL! As long as I finish though, right?

Workout – 05 Mar 2015

Today was my first real workout with Ashley, my trainer, at my gym. We worked with weights and a couple of freestanding machines and did a lot of work on my core – which needed it. That said, my upper legs are going to be feeling it tomorrow along with the rest of me!

I feel this will be a nice boost to my goal of getting into shape and getting more active – which I started almost a year ago. I figure my body can really use it.  I know I can’t do it without help, so here I am – spending my tax return on being healthier!

It was a good workout today and I didn’t even feel like giving her too many looks. Maybe one or two at the end when she had me do rounds of sit up / crunches on this one thing that leaned me way back so I was working against gravity. Yikes! Oh yeah – I’ll feel that.

Workout – 03 March 2015

Thanks to getting a healthy tax return, I’m able to sign up for two months of training sessions with a trainer at my gym, Go Fitness. I’ll get two sessions per week for two months. I can continue if I want, but it all comes down to whether or not I can afford it. If only money were no object, right? The price isn’t bad, my budget just isn’t overly forgiving. So – since I have my return, I can treat myself to something fun, i.e. getting into shape.

Today’s session wasn’t an actual workout, but instead, more of a starting point. I was weighed, measured in about 11 different places, had my BMI calculated and all that jazz. We discussed my goals which included getting stronger, dropping some inches and working on nutrition.

I have a workbook to go along with everything to help record my progress and such as I go along. It also asks me lots of questions so I can figure out where my weaknesses are – food, actual muscular weakness, motivation, etc – and how I plan to motivate myself in all aspects of life.

I have sessions booked on Tuesday and Thursday mornings all the way through the Cap City Half Marathon on May 2nd. I’m really looking forward to this. Yea!

Run – 02 March 2015

Today I ran 4 miles. At my gym. On a treadmill.

Sigh. That’s OK – because I ran 4 miles. Yea!

4 miles

54:01 minutes

13:30 minutes per mile

Not the best pace, not a horrible pace. I ran it and I felt great. I’m so sick of this crappy weather. I want to run outside. Of course – my neighborhood is a safe place to run, but I can’t run when the sidewalks and such are all covered with snow and ice. I know – whine whine whine – moan moan moan – but this nasty, cold weather can really suck the life right out of you. I need to be outside. The weather is going to be warmer next week – 30s/40s – that will be wonderful!