Workout – 26 Feb 2015

Just got back from the gym a little while ago for my monthly check up with my trainer. I know -it was that time of the month. Ahem. Anyway – I’m going to start working with a trainer two times per week for the next two months. I start on Tuesday where she’s going to cruelly measure me, weigh me, check my BMI, etc etc. I was just at the doctors last week. From Last march to now, I’ve lost 5″ already off my waist and that’s just with a handful of training sessions and a bit of running – something I really need to step up. I’m really looking forward to the additional sessions. They’ll be nothing but helpful and also make sure my muscles are up to the task of getting me across that finish line!

Today though, I learned a few more exercises to work the muscles in my back side, lower back, upper leg muscles – basically everything around the IT band. I’d already started doing some of these exercises and they’ve worked (yea!) since I’m no longer in outright hip pain. Yea – another obstacle conquered. BUT – I probably shouldn’t limit myself to just a couple of exercises.

I’m excited about the training sessions. They’ll run through the week of the Cap City Half. Should make for a nice boost!


Run – 25 Feb 2015

I made it to the gym tonight and got in a few miles. Yea! Barely 3, but it was late and I needed to get in and out before they closed. I ran it in about 36 minutes or so, give or take. (Didn’t actually record it, but that’s ok.

One nice thing about the gym is that I can watch Property Brothers. I don’t have cable, so it’s fun to see the transitions and reno work on the houses. :-)

MIT (not really) Run 14 Feb 2015

So I woke up this morning at about 5 minutes until 8am. 8am is when the group run starts. Oops. Oh well – I got up, took my time downing a protein bar, filled my water bottle, added a Gu gel or two in the pocket and went out for a run.

The weather was cold – upper 20s or so – and a bit windy. Fortunately, though there were flurries during my run, the real snow and the real wind (and subsequent white-out conditions) didn’t start until I was long done.

Today was supposed to be our long run of 7 miles before we enjoy a fall back week next week for 4 miles. So since I missed my group, I mapped out a route and headed out in Grandview / UA for a morning run I knew would last at least an hour and a half.

I was right. Here’s my route.

7-mile run Grandview - UA

My 7-mile run. First time using my Garmin watch. LOVE IT!

It was my first run using my new Garmin Forerunner 15 watch and I loved the fact that it kept telling me if I were ahead of or behind my pace – – – or in some cases, actually ON pace! I ran with my iPhone and because I couldn’t find my earbuds, I just turned the volume up for some music.

Garmin Forerunner 15

My New Garmin watch. It’s a great tool and I thoroughly love not having to strap something to my arm while I run.

I did a lot of walking / running / walking / running today because it was hard to breathe. Sounds weird, but it’s not that I was out of breath, but I still haven’t gotten rid of this darned head cold I’ve had since the last week of January which means I went through about 20+ kleenexes on my run today. It’s hard to run when you can ONLY breathe out of your mouth. It’s also hard to breathe when you’re running long enough to warrant adding an energy boost to your run, which I did today for the first time – a Mandarin Orange Gu gel. It wasn’t bad at all, but it’s hard to eat something while you still have to breathe out of your mouth. Good thing I wasn’t sitting at the dinner table, though I did take it in during a section of my run that didn’t have sidewalks, so I knew I was going to be slowing down anyway. See? I planned ahead!

Speaking of planning – I didn’t plan THAT well since at the end of my run, I needed to do a little extra back and forth on my run. I planned for some, but needed just a little extra since I was about .2 miles short and needed to hit my 7 miles.

7.01 miles


13:53 average minutes per mile

(I’d subtract a minute, since 1 minute went by while I was setting my play list on my iPhone. Just saying!)

By the time I did, I was ready for a break. Thank goodness I end all my neighborhood runs at my gym where I can plop down, stretch, use a foam roller and get a few strength exercises in for my legs. Those strength exercises are totally helping, too, since my hips are just stiff after a run and not in all out pain. Yea! I’ve beaten another obstacle!

7 miles – it’s the longest distance I’ve ever run to date. Little by little, right? Awesome!

Oh – for run, I made a really, low-quality video of my route. I think it’s cute, but I’m thinking I won’t pursue a career in movie making. Here’s a link to my post on Facebook. I have the free wordpress blog, so I can’t post video. Oh well. Enjoy!

7-mile route “video”

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  And an extra shout out to my now 13-year old, nephew, Ben – who’s our Valentine’s Day baby!

Run – 10 Feb 2015

I was a little late getting to the gym tonight, so I didn’t have enough time to run a full four miles, but I did at least get in 3.

3 miles


Just under 13 minute per mile

I think I can handle that! I’m determined to run 4 times this week. I’ve only been doing two at best – that’s all I’m used to. BUT – I’m also sick of this cold. It’s driving me nuts and will NOT GO AWAY! GAHHH! It’s really hard to run when I don’t have the option of breathing through  my nose. So annoying.

This too, as they say, shall pass. :-)


Out With The Old, In With The New

So ever since I upgraded my iPhone from a 4 to a 6, my Nike Plus app’s GPS has really stunk. On yesterday’s run it told me I’d run 2 miles with a time of about 20 minutes. Not so – we’d only run about 1.7 miles to that point and I know it paused the run while we waited at stoplights. On routes that I know to be 3.1 miles, it congratulates me on a 5K personal best after I’ve run what I know to only be about 2.5 miles. Then, after every run, I have to edit it which causes me to lose my map and also live with lots of inaccurate “personal records.” Yeah. Annoying.

Today after volunteering for the 2nd of two Rocks and Roots Trail runs, I stopped off at Fleet Feet and used my MIT discount (15%) and my two volunteer gift certificates ($30 total – pretty nice, huh?!) towards a new Garmin running watch. I have the kind with a battery life of about 8 hours. The model down had all I needed, but would have died about 20 miles into a marathon, or after 5 or so hours.

Garmin Forerunner 15

Garmin Forerunner 15

A lot of my MIT running friends use these watches and really love them. I’ve also been coveting one for a long while, so now I have one. I’ll try it out tomorrow night for the first time when I run my 4 miles. I’ll probably run on a treadmill, so it won’t be the best opportunity to test the GPS, but that’s OK. We’ll see how it goes!

MIT Run – 07 Feb 2015

Today we ran 6 miles as our long run to prepare for the Cap City Half Marathon.  I’m not used to running that far and next weekend, we’re supposed to run 7 miles. YIKES! Sigh. I’ll make it – even if I have to walk a chunk of it. I’m ok with that. I enjoy running with a group. Sure I run with a dozen or 15 people who are at my same pace, but there are also tons of other people out there running at different paces, so when we close in on our turnaround point, we start passing them all and either greeting each other or encouraging each other to keep running. MIT – the support is awesome!

Here are my times:

6 miles


13:26 average minutes per mile

We had a lot of ice on the trail as well as several stop lights. Our run started up at Ohio Health in Westerville on Polaris Parkway. The day itself was gorgeous – beautiful, sunny – what’s not to love? From there we went down Cleveland Avenue cut a little east and then south again past Otterbein and then back. I’m not used to running that far, so I had to walk from time to time in the second half. No worries – my walking stride is a lot longer than my running stride, so I didn’t really fall too far behind. Hopefully next time I won’t have to stop so many times to blow my nose – I’m stick of this cold. I think it’s ALMOST gone. not quite gone, but close.

After my run, I drove home and went to the gym to stretch, use the foam rollers and put in 100+ crunches to help strengthen my core. I worked on some leg exercises as well to strengthen them as well as cut down the pain I feel in my hips. Speaking of which, they were stiff after yesterday’s run, but not in actual pain. I think that my new strength exercises for my legs – as well as sleeping with a pillow between my knees – has helped out quite a bit. Yea! I hate being in pain and after today’s run, I’m just dealing with a bit of stiffness. Yea! Progress!

Next Saturday’s going to be cold, too – what a pain. Oh well – such is life. I’ll get my (gulp) 7 miles in and I promise I’ll live to tell the tale!

To-do list for this week:

Monday – 4 miles

Wednesday – 4 miles

Friday – 3 miles (or rest if my body protests)

Saturday – 7 miles

Fingers crossed I can get myself out there 4 whole times. Self-motivation is tough. I’m working on it, though.

Run – 04 Feb 2015

Last Friday after the flu was going down, a major and nasty head cold took its place. I ended up not running on Saturday because I still felt awful and very drained. I’ve gone through a few whole boxes of kleenex the last few days. Ugh.

I went to the gym this morning to get my run in today but all the treadmills were taken (New Years resolutions folks, I’m sure. – you can do it, friends!) so I did a couple hundred crunches and the strength training for my legs. I still wanted to run so after work I went back and got in 4 miles. I manually programmed it but it includes some intervals fast walking but I’m pleased with my time. This Sat we’re supposed to run 6 miles. Yikes! Not used to these distances yet but that’s changing. I’m totally ready for warmer weather though. That – is – for – sure!!!

4 miles


13:36 minutes per mile

Got to watch some Property Brothers while I was there! It’s the little things…