10K RACE – Columbus Half Marathon / 10K / 5K – 10 Aug 2014

I DID IT! What a great place to run. It was a gorgeous day today and Three Creeks Metro Park had the most beautiful running trails. You couldn’t have asked for a better place to run this morning! And this whole weekend has been terrific weather-wise. Quite the fitness weekend, too!

This weekend was also the Pelotonia which has bicyclists riding all sorts of distances – 25 miles up to over 200. It can be a one or two-day event, depending on what you want to do. My friend, Rebecca Blaho, rode for 25 miles. Another friend, Kate McDonald rode her race which was about 50 miles. Andrea Martin rode for 50 miles as well. I’m so proud of them! They all pushed themselves to the limit in order to raise money for cancer research. If you’ve seen the green Pelotonia arrow signs for One Cure – that’s for this weekend’s bike race. Pretty impressive, if you ask me!

Andrea even posted pictures of her leg on which she wrote the names of the people for whom she was riding. Before today’s race, my friend, Duchess, texted me and asked me to run for her because she can’t. Very happy to have done so, Duchess. Very happy indeed!

I love that central Ohio has so many fitness events that allow us to get some exercise in (a LOT in many cases!) or some sort of physical activity to show support to some sort of charitable organization. Ultra-Fit USA is a great site that lists out 5K/10K/Half Marathon races in the area. That’s how I found my Run for Freedom race last month which raised money for the Hilliard Rotary to put towards literacy efforts. Same for October’s Run Like a Girl Half Marathon/10K/5K which raises money and awareness for women’s health and leukemia research – and for which I just registered this weekend for the 10K.

This morning however was my first-ever 10K race. It was also my first-ever time running 10K. Ok fine. It was my first ever time running more than 4.5 miles – which I’d previously done. Once. That’s OK. I had an awesome run today! Today’s race was for local health organizations – Mt. Carmel Hospital was the main sponsor. 

I didn’t get any before-race pictures, but here’s a shot of the finish line and some of the tents and such just after I finished running. Most of the race, I was going back and forth with about 5-6 other people. We were running / walking / passing each other / getting passed by each other. The last  mile or so I ran about even with another runner.

The Finish Line - Columbus Half/10K/5K

The Finish Line – Columbus Half/10K/5K

About 5-1/2 miles into the race, we heard a guy on a bike behind us announcing the lead runner of the half marathon. He was riding ahead to make sure the lead runner could work his way to the finish line without any obstacles. We couldn’t help but applaud and cheer him on as he went by! He finished in about one hour 17 minutes. Yeah – twice the distance yet still faster than our run of 6.2 miles! HA HA! I spoke to him afterwards. Nice guy. Heck – nice kid! He’s 17! Said his brother was running the 10K.

Speaking of finishing, here are the Official 10K results. I finished 88th overall and 13th in my age group. Yes. I’m 29. OK not really. Prior to today’s race, I figured I could definitely finish in better than 100 minutes, but really hoped to beat 90 minutes. My official time? 80 minutes, 26.6 seconds. HOLY COW! YEAH BABY!

Oh yeah – I’m definitely happy with that. Here’s my breakdown. I was definitely slowing down that last mile for sure, but I still sprinted across the finish line. For some reason, I like doing that. 🙂

My mile times - 1st 10K

My mile times – 1st 10K

After running a fantastic time, my other unexpected surprise was a finisher’s medal – my first one! Yea! All the 10K and Half Marathon runners received one after they crossed the finish line.

My first medal!

My first medal!

Nice to have some bling to go with my race swag. I’m thinking of wearing this for a few days. What do you think?


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